From father to son

‘’ The story goes back more than a century to my great-great-grandfather, a mason by profession. At the time, most buildings were made entirely of stone, so his was an essential trade,” indicated Charles Thibault. Well, a rolling stone gathers no moss, because the expertise was passed on from one generation to the next: to his great-grandfather Charles – after whom the present Charles is named, to his grandfather Réal and, finally, to his father Mario and uncle Benoit.

Since its foundation in 1996, Agrémat has built a reputation for unique expertise and experience in the market. The company’s owners, the Thibault family, have been making and selling concrete products since the early 1900s.

Agremat specializes in the sale of masonry and concrete products used in the construction and renovation industry and for exterior wall cladding and landscaping. We carry an impressive selection of product lines, including brick, decorative and natural stone, concrete and architectural blocks, aggregate, slabs, masonry products and more. At Agrémat, we have everything needed to complete your project. 

Come and visit our 4 showrooms in Piedmont (St-Sauveur), Mirabel (St-Jérôme), Sherbrooke and Delson. Our experts will be pleased to offer advice and assist you! Our partner stores Foyer Rustique (located in Mirabel and in Delson) also has an impressive selection of indoor and outdoor appliances like fireplaces, fire tables, BBQs and patio heaters – to complete any outdoor kitchen and space projects.