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Architectural concrete blocks ensure superior quality for masonry constructions on commercial, industrial or institutional buildings.

Groupe MBM is a Quebec-based concrete block manufacturer, and has partnered up with Agrémat, which acts as their distribution division. Our impressive and robust concrete blocks provide the solidity required for construction projects of all sizes.

Their clean lines add an understated yet elegant look to your construction projects, and are available in a wide range of colours and dimensions.


Discover our range of architectural concrete blocks

Architectural blocks

Design flexibility in colour, texture and shape offer freedom of expression with natural aggregate beauty in a ground, stippled or chiselled finish.


Acoustic blocks

Sound Cell and Acoustade are exciting new developments in architectural masonry, combining art and science in a unique blend of form and function.


Lightweight blocks

TRUE LITE AGGREGATE – Expanded blast furnace slag
This revolutionary lightweight material is a true innovation in the construction industry. True Lite low density blast furnace slag aggregate is designed specifically for concrete products that meet the ASTM C 330 and ASTM C 331 specification standards.


Ultra-lightweight blocks

ULTRA LITE AGGREGATE – Expanded blast furnace slag
The Ultra Lite block is a revolutionary new block with many advantages both in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, and in terms of structure and load-bearing or non-load-bearing wall construction. Moreover, Ultra Lite products are designed to offer excellent resistance in firewalls.


Inobloc 3000 for LEED construction

GREEN CONCRETE BLOCK – Reduced environmental impact
Inobloc 3000 concrete blocks are an innovative construction material that allows architects and designers to apply the principles of sustainable development to their projects, and to obtain LEED credits.


For more information on our concrete blocks and to see their full technical sheets, visit the website of our partner, Groupe MBM.