Stoves and fireplaces

Do you want to provide your home with an incomparable source of heat? Agrémat offers a complete range of stoves and fireplaces that will satisfy all tastes. Modern or traditional style, gas, wood or pellet fueled, you will find the stove or fireplace to your liking!

Visit a branch, our specialists can advise you and offer you the products that best meet your needs from a wide selection of high-end appliances: wood stoves and fireplaces, gas stoves and fireplaces and pellet stoves and fireplaces.


Foyer Rustique

Foyer Rustique


Agrémat / Foyer Rustique : The perfect place for a stove or fireplace
that will warm your home!

Wood stoves and fireplaces | Gas stoves and fireplaces | Wood pellet stoves and fireplaces


Wood stoves and fireplaces | Foyer Rustique

Wood stoves and fireplaces

Wood-burning appliances are still very popular today, as they even come in modern and avant-garde styles and offer multiple functions. However, if you’re looking for an old-fashioned wood stove or fireplace, simplicity is still the way to go!



Gas stoves and fireplaces | Foyer Rustique Rustique

Gas stoves and fireplaces

Gas heated systems — and combustible fossil fuel systems in particular — are proven to have a positive impact on the environment. They also are the most efficient when it comes to providing quick heating and circulation in your home. These appliances do not require a chimney, which means combustible products are released through a wall or a roof.



Wood pellet stoves and fireplaces | Foyer Rustique

Wood pellet stoves and fireplaces

Étirez vos soirées estivales grâce à l’installation d’un foyer extérieur dans votre cour. Vous pourrez donc passer des soirées mémorables en bonne compagnie, à la lueur d’un feu crépitant.




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