Tips & Installation

Are you about to do some outdoor landscaping?

For other worthwhile advice, come and meet our consultants at one of our stores for tips and installation instructions. They will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Following our tips and installation instructions sure to be of help before you begin work.


Alternative Masonry

trucs-panneauxDo you know the Beonstone, Suretouch and decorative stone products? The success of these new materials continues to grow year after year thanks to their multiple advantages: authentic appearance, speed of installation, longevity and adaptability to numerous types of interior and exterior surfaces. Come to the store for a quick demo!



Cleaning decorative stone

trucs-nettoyerLike any surface, decorative stone can collect dust, dirt and grime. So how do you clean it? Use only water and mild soap! No mechanical devices, pressure washers, solvents, acid-based chemical compounds or other bleaches. These could damage the finish of your stone.



Winter is near

truc-hiverAs winter approaches, take the time to tour your home and plug any gaps in your brick walls. Water likely to accumulate there may cause problems when it freezes and expands. Mortar repair tubes are ideal for this kind of touch-up job and may be found in the hardware section.



Extend the life of your patio

trucs-patioThe best-kept secret to obtaining a quality patio? A good foundation and properly prepared terrain. Excavate the space needed to a depth of 12 inches. Compact a mixture of gravel and 0-¾ rock dust before mounting your patio. This will greatly extend its serviceable life.



Solidify your pavement

trucs-paveWhen you excavate the foundation for paving stones, calculate 8 inches more than the width of the paving stone to foresee the installation of the gravel border used to stabilize the paving stone. For example for a 10-inch paving stone, foresee 18 inches.



Protect colors

trucs-couleursApply a good sealant to stone and paving stones to protect them from stains and maintain their colour.




Decorative stone for exterior siding?

truc-colleeDid you know that stone veneer is not used solely for interior siding?If you want to beautify your home but don’t have the 6-inch concrete base required to install stone, choose stone veneer rather than CanExel or vinyl siding..



Goodbye weeds!

trucs-herbesDo you want to prevent grass from growing between your paving stones? Simply sweep regularly. When it rains, grass seed germinates between the stones. Sweeping between the cracks prevents seeds from spreading.

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