Tools & Accessories

We carry a complete line of tools & accessories so you can complete your work and obtain the results anticipated.


Agremat, proud supplier of products



Here are some of the Tools & Accessories products offered:

Decorative accessories

Window sills, vault keys perimeters, addresses, etc.


Construction blocks, strip cover, King pre-mixed masonry cement, galvanized metal mesh, angle iron, black paper, Interstar masonry cement colouring agent – Masonry cement sand, etc.

Aggregate refinishing

Expansion joints and L-Trim

Acrylic coating

Acrylic base, finishing colours, standard wicks, Styrofoam sheets, fibre bags, etc.


Bags of dry sand or bags of King polymer beige or grey, river stone, stone dust, glue and glue guns, geo-textile membrane – rolls and bulk, decorative stone sold by the ton and flat stone

Maintenance products

Efflorescence, rust remover, grease remover, water-based sealant, solvent-based sealant