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Be inspired

Need inspiration for your next landscaping project? Check out our landscaping ideas! Here at Agremat, we like to follow the latest trends so we can offer you the perfect product selection to design a standout space you will be able to enjoy for many years to come! 

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A well-planned and successful renovation

Explore our comprehensive guide dedicated to outdoor landscaping renovation. We guide you through each step, from creating your wishlist to selecting a qualified contractor. Learn how to optimize your budget and ask the right questions to ensure the success of your project. Become a knowledgeable expert with our practical advice and confidently transform your outdoor spaces.

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Buyer's guide signed by Espace Chaleur

This guide will be your essential source of inspiration, information and expert advice when it comes to your next fireplace purchase. At Agrémat, our mission is to enlighten and equip you, helping you discover the joy that a warm space provides after a planned and successful transaction. The only key to success: planning carried out with passionate specialists.

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Would you like to look at our products in store? Find the nearest Agrémat in your area by consulting the link below to see and touch the products that interest you. The expertise of our team will guide you in finding the perfect products for your project!